hcp.make_mne_anatomy(subject, subjects_dir, recordings_path=None, hcp_path='.', outputs=('label', 'mri', 'surf'))

Extract relevant anatomy and create MNE friendly directory layout

The function will create the following outputs by default:

$subjects_dir/$subject/bem/inner_skull.surf $subjects_dir/$subject/label/* $subjects_dir/$subject/mri/* $subjects_dir/$subject/surf/* $recordings_path/$subject/$subject-head_mri-trans.fif

These can then be set as $SUBJECTS_DIR and as MEG directory, consistent with MNE examples.

subject : str
The subject name.
subjects_dir : str
The path corresponding to MNE/freesurfer SUBJECTS_DIR (to be created)
hcp_path : str
The path where the HCP files can be found.
outputs : {‘label’, ‘mri’, ‘stats’, ‘surf’, ‘touch’}
The outputs of the freesrufer pipeline shipped by HCP. Defaults to (‘mri’, ‘surf’), the minimum needed to extract MNE-friendly anatomy files and data.