Python API Reference

This is the functions reference of MNE-HCP. Functions are grouped thematically by analysis purpose. Functions that are not below a module heading are found in the hcp namespace.

read_raw(subject, data_type[, run_index, ...]) Read HCP raw data
read_epochs(subject, data_type[, onset, ...]) Read HCP processed data
read_evokeds(subject, data_type[, onset, ...]) Read HCP processed data
read_info(subject, data_type[, run_index, ...]) Read info from unprocessed data
read_annot(subject, data_type[, run_index, ...]) Read annotations for bad data and ICA.
read_ica(subject, data_type[, run_index, ...]) Read precomputed independent components from subject
read_trial_info(subject, data_type[, ...]) Read information about trials
make_mne_anatomy(subject, subjects_dir[, ...]) Extract relevant anatomy and create MNE friendly directory layout
compute_forward_stack(subjects_dir, subject, ...) Convenience function for conducting standard MNE analyses.

Handling HCP files for downloading


Manipulating data and sensors


set_eog_ecg_channels(raw) Set the HCP ECG and EOG channels
apply_ica_hcp(raw, ica_mat, exclude) Apply the HCP ICA.
apply_ref_correction(raw[, decim_fit]) Regress out MEG ref channels
map_ch_coords_to_mne(inst) Transform sensors to MNE coordinates
interpolate_missing(inst, subject, ...[, ...]) Interpolate all MEG channels that are missing

Visualizing data


plot_coregistration(subject, subjects_dir, ...) A diagnostic plot to show the HCP coregistration
make_hcp_bti_layout(info) Get Layout of HCP Magnes3600WH data