API Documentation

MNE BIDS (mne_bids.mne_bids):

raw_to_bids(subject_id, task, raw_file, …) Walk over a folder of files and create BIDS compatible folder.

Utils (mne_bids.utils):

print_dir_tree(dir) Recursively print a directory tree starting from dir.
make_bids_folders(subject[, session, kind, …]) Create a BIDS folder hierarchy.
make_bids_filename([subject, session, task, …]) Create a BIDS filename from its component parts.
make_dataset_description(path[, name, …]) Create json for a dataset description.
copyfile_brainvision(vhdr_src, vhdr_dest) Copy a BrainVision file triplet to a new location and repair links.

Datasets (mne_bids.datasets):

fetch_faces_data([data_path, repo, subject_ids]) Dataset fetcher for OpenfMRI dataset ds000117.
fetch_brainvision_testing_data([data_path]) Download the MNE-Python testing data for the BrainVision format.