What’s new?

Version 0.1



  • Correctly handle the case when measurement date is not available, by Mainak Jas (#23)
  • Fix counting of miscellaneous channels, by Matt Sanderson (#49)
  • The source data is now copied over to the new BIDS directory. Previously this was only true for FIF data, by Stefan Appelhoff (#55)
  • Fix ordering of columns in scans.tsv, by Matt Sanderson (#68)
  • Fix bug in how artificial trigger channel STI014 is handled in channels.tsv for KIT systems, by Matt Sanderson (#72)
  • Fix channel types for KIT system in channels.tsv, by Matt Sanderson (#76)
  • Fix the way FIF files are named to satisfy the BIDS part parameters of the filename construction, Teon Brooks (#102)
  • Fix how overwriting of data is handled, by Matt Sanderson (#99)


People who contributed to this release (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexandre Gramfort
  • Chris Holdgraf
  • Kambiz Tavabi
  • Mainak Jas
  • Matt Sanderson
  • Romain Quentin
  • Stefan Appel
  • Teon Brooks